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Samsung ST6500 review

Unique styling meets state of the art in the ST6500

Samsung ST6500
Creative styling and a touch-screen, does the Samsung ST6500 deliver?

These graphs were produced using data generated by DXO Analyzer.

We shoot a specially designed chart in carefully controlled conditions and the resulting images are analysed using the DXO software.

Signal to noise ratio

A high signal to noise ratio (SNR) indicates a cleaner and better quality image

Samsung st6500 snr

Samsung st6500 snr

JPEG images from the Samsung ST6500 are on a par with those from the comparison cameras throughout the sensitivity range.

Dynamic range

Samsung st6500 dynamic range

Samsung st6500 dynamic range

This chart indicates that the Samsung ST6500's JPEGs have a high dynamic range at low sensitivities. As the sensitivity increases above ISO 200 the dynamic range falls dramatically.