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One big leap for TV adverts

Channel 4
Channel 4 and Honda making ad history

Just like Cadbury’s ‘gorilla’ Dairy Milk ads, Honda has come up with an idea that is as barmy as it is brilliant.

The commercial will be shown during the Channel 4’s dinner party series Come Dine With Me at around ten past eight. It’s going to last for 3 minutes 20 seconds and will (hopefully) show a group of skydivers spelling out a message to viewers.

Must-see advertising

Speaking about the ambitious project Mike Parker, Head of Strategic Sales, Channel 4 says: “Honda is walking the talk with this ad launch; it is bold, daring and very difficult. Honda are not just satisfied with launching new creative work, they want to make it un-missable and what better way to create that 'must see' than to create the first live ad event on TV.”

So, watch tonight and see history in the making. This could be a giant leap for advertising or car-crash TV. Honda will obviously be hoping for the former.