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German government to be sued by hacking group

German flag
German hackers fights back against foreign agencies

The largest hacking association in the Europe has filed a complaint against the German government over claims it aided GCHQ and the NSA against its own citizens.

The Berlin-based Chaos Computer Club (CCC), which describes itself on its website as a community of people "independent of age, sex, race or orientation which strives across borders for freedom of information", is working in cooperation with the International League of Human Rights. The criminal complaint was lodged with the German Federal Prosecutor General on Monday.

In the complaint, the CCC accuse US, British and German secret agents of illegal and prohibited covert intelligence as well as aiding and abetting the violation of privacy and obstruction of justice. The group has also called for NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden to give testimony as a witness.

Absolute certainty

"Every citizen is affected by the massive surveillance of their private communications. Our laws protect us and threaten those responsible for such surveillance with punishment. Therefore an investigation by the Federal Prosecutor General is necessary and mandatory by law – and a matter of course," CCC member and attorney Julius Mittenzwei said on the group's website. "It is unfortunate that those responsible and the circumstances of their crimes have not been investigated."

It is due to Snowden that the CCC claims to have absolute certainty that intelligence services had broken German criminal law. Document leaked by him in October last year revealed that the NSA listened in on millions of German phone calls, texts and emails without any authorisation.

Germany announced last month that German Chancellor Angela Merkel would visit Washington to hold talks with President Obama about an anti-spying agreement between the two states.

Via RT