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OLED lighting panels built by inkjet printers

OLED lighting
OLED lighting offers an even light source compared to single bulbs

We've had memory made by inkjet printers and even blood vessels squirted out of nozzles, so probably shouldn't be surprised to hear of a new plan to print OLED panels for lighting in the same way.

At the recent Printable Electronics Show in Tokyo, Panasonic Electric Works (PEW) unveiled a new organic EL panel that was partly printed using something called the 'slit coating method'.

Bright prospect

PEW says the new panel is good enough to be used instead of standard fluorescent illumination, as it has high luminance and colour rendering.

If you're curious, it's rated at 95 on the colour rendering index (CRI), whereas other fluorescent light sources range from the low 50s to the high 80s, which means objects will appear more natural under the new OLEDs, rather than the 'washed-out' effect of fluorescent lights.

The new panels may end up in cheaper flat-panel television sets one day, but PEW says the research is still some way from commercial applications.