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USB devices stopped working last week? Microsoft has released a fix

USB cable

Microsoft issues monthly patches to resolve bugs and occasionally add new features to Windows 10, but for many users the latest update, released last week, did more harm than good.

The faulty update uninstalled your existing USB drivers but failed to replace them, leaving connected hardware including keyboards, mice and webcams useless.

Thankfully, Microsoft has pushed out a new update to resolve the problem. The patch (KB4090913) will be downloaded and installed automatically (search for Check for Updates to see if it's installed), or you can download it from Microsoft manually.

More patches on the way

There are a few other issues with this month's scheduled update that might give you a headache. Some PCs could wrongly report that the update failed. This is a minor inconvenience, but performing 'Check for Updates' will soon tell you whether you have KB4090913.

More worryingly, some PCs might fail to start after the patch is installed, giving an error message INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE. Microsoft is still working on solutions to both of these problems.

There's also a chance that the update won't install at all due to an incompatibility with your antivirus software. Microsoft recommends you speak to your antivirus software vendor if this happens.

Via Neowin