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Second TV buyers opt for digital-ready sets

Sales of smaller digital-ready LCD TVs at Tesco are up by a massive 287 per cent

Tesco has said that sales of smaller (15-19inch) digital-ready LCD TVs are up by a massive 287 per cent on the same period last year. The increase has come as people upgrade their kitchen and bedroom TVs and replace the old analogue TVs in their kids' bedrooms.

Commenting on the jump in sales, Graham J. Harris, commercial director at Tesco said: "The vast majority of families have had digital television in their living rooms for a number of years. But they've also had smaller, non-digital TVs in other rooms of the house such as bedrooms and kitchens."


Another factor certainly helping Tesco's sales figures is that the retail giant is currently offering three Freeview integrated LCD TV sets at a promotional discount, with a 15inch Toshiba selling for £179, a 19inch Grundig for £230 and a 19inch Technika for £250

And lastly, with many kids waking up to a shiny new games console this Christmas, the rise in sales can also be at least partly attributed to desperate parents trying to reclaim the living room TV in time for the Queen's speech. Despite this, Tesco says it expects the sales leap to continue into 2008, long after the last turkey sandwich has been finished.