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Microsoft: Don't use Apple Safari

Safari exploit a problem
Safari exploit a problem

Microsoft has urged Windows users not to browse with Apple’s Safari until an exploit that allows files such as .exes to be remotely placed on a user’s desktop has been fixed.

The current problem – labelled ‘carpet bombing’ – was discovered by researcher Nitesh Dhanjani last week, who noticed that the browser doesn’t ask for permission to download certain types of files.

This can lead to hundreds of icons being placed on the desktop of files that could feasibly be malicious.

Got a point

Although its executive team will no doubt be cheering, it does seem that Microsoft’s warning, which suggests users "restrict use of Safari as a web browser until an appropriate update is available from Microsoft and/or Apple," is merited.

Apple has not been swift to respond to the problem, but will no doubt be stung by both Microsoft’s advice and the fact that the Redmond company has a point.