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Logitech announces 720p HD cam for Google TV Revue box

Google TV
Logitech today launched a range of Google TV products

Logitech has announced a new HD webcam which it claims 'perfects the video conferencing experience,' at its Google TV press conference this evening.

The Logitech TV Cam will be released alongside the new Revue Google TV set-top box at the end of October.

It might have a relatively steep $149 asking price in the US, but can capture video at 720p and boasts a Carl Zeiss autofocus, low-light optimised lens, capable of zooming and panning around the living room.

Logitech Vid HD takes on Skype

The camera will work with a new calling client called Logitech Vid HD which will be featured as a channel on the new Revue set-top box, but will work with any Mac and PC running the program.

The camera, judging from pictures shot at the event, appears to be much larger than your average webcam and also has a neat little LED light which will inform users when they have missed a call.

Earlier at the New York media event, Logitech announced the first Google TV products to hit the market; the $299 Revue set-top box and a full QWERTY keyboard remote control.