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Nokia opens up N900 to hackers and modders

Nokia: It's what's inside that counts
Nokia: It's what's inside that counts

Nokia is once again pushing the power under the hood of the N900 by organising Push N900, a competition for hackers and modders.

With Nokia keen to highlight the phone is more than just a decent hardware spec list, the new Push N900 competition invites users to think about what could be done with the phone.

The multi-tasking elements of the Finns' new Maemo OS are being brought to the fore for the competition, which will be kicked off at a workshop this weekend at the OneDotZero event in London.

So if you think that phones should be used to control the TV via Wi-Fi, or you could rig up an application to let you know the status of your toasting bread in real time on your phone, you could be in with a chance.

Five to fund

Nokia will look at all the submissions and choose five to fund and showcase in its flagship stores around the world. And the creative types will also get a free N900 to play with as well, in order to keep the juices flowing.

Of course, we're anticipating some rubbish ideas too - we reckon someone will think skinning the N900 as an iPhone will be a good idea.

If you're interested in partaking, head on over to the Push N900 blog and submit your ideas - you've got until 11 October.