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Google resurrects Gmail in the UK

Gmail roars back in the UK
Gmail roars back in the UK

Google has announced it is bringing back the email address for new users of the service in the UK after it reached a settlement with the company claiming the name as its own.

Anyone that fancied hopping on Google's email service after October 2005 has been given an suffix to their username, after another company claimed it held the rights to gmail.

UPDATE: We've asked Google for a statement about what's happened, and the search engine has kindly responded (via a real life spokesperson, not just us Googling our query):

"After engaging in legal proceedings at the trademark office, we were able to reach a settlement with the party with whom we had the conflict.

We are happy to have resolved this issue, and look forward to offering addresses to users in the UK."

Adding the oogle

It is a little confusing as even though those issued with an after October 2005 were still able to receive mail on the equivalent address - but now this just sounds cooler and as Google points out: saves finger energy (sort of).

We're having a little word with Google now to see if we can find out the reason for the change, but this is something it may stay a little tight-lipped on.

So if you've been sitting on the Googlemail fence for over five years based on the too-long suffix, then a) you need to get out more and b) the world has now become a brighter place for you.

Via Google Official Blog

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