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Facebook's Project Spartan to 'bring HTML5 apps to iOS'

Project Spartan would take the fight to the 'Greeks' in Cupertino

Facebook is hoping to break the App Store's stranglehold on the iOS app-sphere by launching its own store within the Safari mobile browser, according to reports.

The ambitious plan, codenamed Project Spartan, would see Facebook begin to peddle HTML5 browser-based applications, meaning it and not the App Store would take a cut from the sales.

According to TechCrunch, Farmville creator Zynga and the Huffington Post are already on-board with Facebook's cheeky scheme, along with 80 other developers.

The report claims that the project has been in development for two months, with the company aiming to launch the service in the next few weeks.

Android plans also afoot

TechCrunch also reckons that Facebook plans to replicate the service for Android users, although that is a secondary concern at present.

Speculation suggests that Facebook's brazen offensive comes as a result of Twitter's agreement to be the single sign-on partner for iOS 5.

Back at WWDC Apple revealed that Twitter would be deeply integrated within iOS 5. Is this Facebook's way of ensuring it gets a piece of the pie too?

Source: TechCrunch