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Microsoft CES 2011 keynote streamed on Facebook

Steve Ballmer - will we get a monkey dance?
Steve Ballmer - will we get a monkey dance?

Microsoft will stream its traditional CES opening keynote over its Facebook page – allowing people who 'like' the company to watch Steve Ballmer et al discuss the software giant's view on forthcoming tech.

With CES 2011 all set to kick off, it is Microsoft that fires the opening salvo with the first official keynote offering starting at 2:30 am GMT.

To be able to watch the curtain-raiser live, people will have to go over to the official Microsoft Facebook page at and agree to 'Like' the company.


That will then allow people to watch the streamed event, where the company is expected to show off its latest version of Windows for tablets among other announcements.

Steve Ballmer will be leading the keynote – with the ebullient CEO likely to provide his usual energetic commentary on the company's offerings.

Kinect, Windows Phone 7 and Internet Explorer are all likely to get a mention, but it is tablets that are likely to be the headline act for the Redmond giant.