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Ballmer: Why Microsoft didn't bid for BlackBerry's RIM

Windows Phone 7 - in the game?
Windows Phone 7 - in the game?

Steve Ballmer believes that Windows Phone 7 has brought the 'best looking phones on the market' as he explained why the company did not look to buy BlackBerry-maker RIM.

Ballmer insists that the company's recent decisions to develop its own products, like Xbox, Bing and Kinect, has proven that buying other companies is not always best.

"When do acquisitions make sense? " he queried when asked by USA Today why no bid for RIM had been made. "That's a complicated subject."


"There's a lot of competition, but we've got the best-looking phones on the market," he added

"We've got the greatest range of alternatives, the phones, the software, the craftsmanship. It is as good or better than anything out there.

Ballmer conceded that there was still hard work ahead – especially in convincing the public that Windows Phone 7 was a viable alternative to BlackBerrys or iPhones.

"We have a lot of work to do. But, we're in the game. We sold 1.5 million into the carriers."

Via USA Today