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HTC Flyer tablet to hit Mobile World Congress?

Imagine this, but bigger
Imagine this, but bigger

We'd put money on the fact that HTC will unveil its first tablet product at Mobile World Congress 2011 next month, but will it be the HTC Scribe or the HTC Flyer?

When the Taiwainese firm applied for a trademark application for a tablet computer named the HTC Scribe, it seemed likely that this would be the first HTC tablet.

However, Digitimes quotes "sources at handset component suppliers" who name the slate as the HTC Flyer.

Honey, I blew up the Desire

Looking like a blown-up HTC Desire, the 7-inch tablet described by these sources is set to hit the USA in March running Android 2.3 and an update to Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) is more than likely in the following months.

Other markets look set to get the HTC Flyer a little later, indicating that the UK release date will be some time in Q2.

The release dates are intended to push sales ahead of the launches of the BlackBerry PlayBook and Motorola Xoom; there is certainly some stiff tablet competition ahead.

The mysterious sources also added that there are two more tablets in the works from HTC, slated for a June release with Android 3.0 on board from day one.

Via Digitimes and SlashGear