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Jabra launches Engage 50, a premium noise canceling headset for professionals

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Jabra has launched a new noise-cancelling headset Engage 50. It's a professional corded headset aimed at improving call experience in offices, call centers or similar. It is said to be engineered to solve issues faced at customer service-led organisations. 

It features a 3-microphone system that is said to filters out background noise and breathing sounds and it's also compatible with on-premises and cloud-based softphone platforms. 

The headset is lightweight and promises a comfortable fit for prolonged wearing. The microphone can be adjusted for optimum comfort and better audio. To further increase employee productivity, there's a circular status lights on the earcups. It's a simple addition but it does help to indicate if you're on call or free to talk signaling with green and orange.

Additionally, the Engage 50 brings a call control unit (remote), which allows users to adjust volume, speed dial, mute/answer/end calls, and even control the status light. 

Some additional smarts are provided by a live on-screen rich call analytics to ensure best results for both customers and enterprises.

Price and availability

The Engage 50 comes in two variants - Stereo and Mono.  Stereo is priced at Rs 23,730 and Mono will be selling for Rs 21,470.

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