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Microsoft's new task force will tackle Internet of Things and wearable tech

Microsoft's new task force will focus on Internet of Things and wearable tech
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Like it or not, the Internet of Things is coming. We know it, Google knows it, and it looks like Microsoft now knows it too.

Satya Nadella has arrived just in time for tech's next big thing and Microsoft is preparing by putting together a special Internet of Things task force.

This division was formerly the Microsoft Embedded team, according to ZDNet, and has been beefed up with some new hires taken from other areas of the company.

Internet of Things team: assemble

One of the new recruits, Steve Teixeira, formerly of the Visual Studio team, became "Partner, director of program management, Internet of Things at Microsoft" in December 2013, according to his Linkedin page.

The description on his profile is even more telling: "We build the operating systems and cloud services that power non-PC/tablet/phone/console 'things' such as industry devices, wearables, automobiles, consumer electronics, etc."

It's also interesting to see Microsoft upping an interest in wearables - one area that it's currently MIA, despite a number of hints in the past.