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Firefox 4 Beta 3 opened up for testing

Third time lucky for Firefox 4 Beta 3
Third time lucky for Firefox 4 Beta 3

Mozilla has announced that it has opened up Firefox 4 Beta 3 for testing, which sees the browser experimenting with multi touch.

This feature will only be available to Windows 7 users, with Mozilla noting that it will "enable people to interact with web content with their hands naturally.

"Developers can use multi-touch capabilities to leverage touch-enabled devices and provide people with an intuitive and fun browsing experience."

This is the third version of the Firefox 4 beta to arrive in just over a month.

Work in progress

Other features include improved JavaScript values which should help to produce smooth and streamlined graphics for web apps.

As always, Firefox 4 Beta 3 is still in development stage but if you do download you can help iron out bugs, with the Test Pilot add-on.

This anonymous feedback tool will help Mozilla devs develop a better browser. And it seems that they need people who aren't male to try out the beta.

Let's get that 96 male percentage down people!

To download the beta, go to The proposed UK release date for Firefox 4 in November.