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Facebook snaps up domain

Facebook - all about Me?
Facebook - all about Me?

Facebook has done a bit of cyber-squatter cleaning and grabbed the rights to, which was originally registered in the United Arab Emirates in 2008.

While this looks like a clear cut case of trimming off someone who was trying to capitalise on the Facebook name, there are some reports that Facebook Me is set to become another launch for the social-networking giant.

New service?

Currently (which uses the domain for Montenegro) is redirecting to Facebook but Mashable is reporting that Facebook Me is also the name of an app which turns your profile page into something that resembles Tumblr, the quick-sharing blog site.

The app takes your profile information and customises it into a number of different formats, bringing an extra layer of personalisation to the site.

There's no word from Facebook if Facebook Me will become an official spin-off of the site, but it will be interesting to see what happens to the domain in the future.