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Facebook's new look and layout unveiled

Facebook changing again
Facebook changing again

The world's number one social-networking site, Facebook, has announced that more changes to its look are afoot – news that will no doubt bring with it a barrage of complaints from users.

Although the new layout is not that much of a significant departure, when Facebook went through its first makeover the site's forums were alight with vitriol.

Freudian changes

Noticeable changes of the homepage include the 'What are you doing right now?' bar changing to the rather Freudian 'What's on your mind?'.

The readability of Events has improved as well, with birthdays and upcoming events shunted to the top. What is noticeable is that the advertising on the right-hand side has increased significantly.

The left-hand side of the page is actually being used now for Filters, so you can categorise your friends as school mates, work colleagues and so on.

The main stream of information that got so many users backs up when it was first introduced can now be cut down even more, which should reduce the amount of traffic received from those who have a lot of 'friends'.

Coming soon

There's no word on when the changes will take place, but Facebook is giving people plenty of warning by posting a 'Changes to the Home page are coming soon' banner on the site right now.