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Facebook priced at £22 billion

Facebook - in the money
Facebook - in the money

Facebook has been valued at $33.7 billion (£22 billion), making it a bigger money maker than publicly listed technology brands like eBay.

Although Facebook is a privately held company, the Financial Times has taken a look at secondary market transactions – ie, how much initial investors are selling their private stakes for – in the company to see how much the social network is actually worth.

The number is bigger than that of established brands like eBay, which has been priced at around $30.1 billion. And it is also double that of Yahoo, which is said to be worth $18.3 billion.

Money talks

Although $34 billion is a phenomenal amount of money for a social network – bearing in mind MySpace was bought for $580 million back in 2005 – its price is still dwarfed by the likes of Google and Microsoft.

Google is currently worth around $143.9 billion, Microsoft $197 billion and Apple a whopping £200 billion.

However, when Google initially went public in 2004 it floated for $1.67 billion. This was one of the biggest Initial Public Offering for a technology company, a figure which Facebook would far succeed if it went public.

According to the Financial Times, though, the social network is unlikely to make the jump until 2012, which will be a hugely significant year for Facebook – unless the Mayans have something to do with it.