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England players banned from Twitter & Facebook during World Cup

Twitter ban for England team
Twitter ban for England team

The entire England squad will be banned from using Twitter, Facebook or any other social-networking during the World Cup, with the FA noting that they will only air their thoughts via official channels.

It seems that Fabio Capello's team will have to focus on football instead of procrastinating on social sites, which will mean that the players won't be able to keep their myriad Twitter followers informed with what's going on within the England camp.

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Twitter has already got some footballers into hot water with the PFA. Darren Bent, who was prolific on the site until recently, used the micro-blogging service to hit out at Spurs chairman Daniel Levy.

He even had his Twitter tag sewn into his boots, but his page has now been closed down.

Back in January, Man Utd reportedly issued a similar ban on its players, with all official comment channelled to its website.

According to the BBC, it is not just England who are banned from Twitter and the like, Spain has also done the same banning players from using the sites pre-tournament and while the World Cup is on.