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PrimaLuna unveils CD player with valves

SteamPunk cool
SteamPunk cool

PrimaLuna has turned its attention to CD Players – with the valve amp specialist bringing its retro tech approach to the still-popular spinning disc format.

PrimaLuna’s ProLogue Eight ‘harnesses the company’s expertise in valve-equipped audio design’, explaining that the incorporation of the company's valve-driven ‘Super Tube Clock’ makes all the difference.

The Super Tube Clock apparently incorporates a low-noise mini-triode valve into the digital clock which cuts down on jitter.

Dual-valve rectification

The ProLogue Eight also harnesses dual valve rectification, PrimaLuna’s multi-award-winning power supply adapted from its ProLogue Three preamp.

Of course, for many people the design will be the key, and in the words of PrimaLuna:

“Glowing glass valves protrude intriguingly from hand-rubbed, high-gloss black metalwork, coupled to a thick aluminium faceplate available in either silver or black.”

And the price? A snip at £1,590.