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Logitech launches wireless console goodies

Logitech has chosen this year's E3 to announce the launch of two new wireless peripherals for your next-gen games consoles.

First up is the company's new keyboard. Called the Logitech Cordless Keyboard, this is, according to the press release, the "must-have accessory for chat-oriented games and the Wii Internet Channel."

It's not just any keyboard, either, as it is equipped with 'hot' keys that will Zoom In/Out, go Forward/Back, hit Quit and OK that will apparently make it easier to communicate with friends and surf the internet all through your Nintendo Wii.

To stay in-keeping with the Wii's style, Logitech has coloured its keyboard, wait for it, white.

Drive of your life

The second wireless accessory has been created especially for the PS3. Called the Driving Force Wireless, this racing wheel comes complete with force feedback, making your racing games feel that little bit more realistic.

The wheel is said to be lag-free, due to its 2.4 GHz wireless technology and also contains an expandable lap rest so if you don't have to bother sticking the thing on a table.

Both the Logitech keyboard and racing wheel will be available from August. Price-wise, you're looking at £24.99 for the keyboard and around €79.99 (£63) for the wheel.