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Mophie Pulse turns the iPod touch into a gaming king

The iPod touch is to get a gaming makeover in 2011, courtesy of the Mophie Pulse.

Shown off at this year's CES Unveiled in Las Vegas, with TechRadar in attendance, the Mophie Pulse is a pretty cool gaming case for the iPod touch.

Mophie pulse

Using the speaker of the touch, the Mophie Pulse adds stereo sound and also a bit of vibration to your gaming.

The iPod touch is a pretty decent gaming device in its own right thanks to the A4 chip inside, but it does lack the feedback you get with Xbox 360 and PS3 controllers.

Mophie pulse

The Mophie Pulse remedies this, sending vibrations when you shoot something or crash. The case uses Reflex Technology to do this, which means it listens to the sounds of the game for crashes and the like and vibrates on cue.

Mophie pulse

It's also a protector for the iPod touch, and is textured to give you more gaming grip.

Size-wise, the Pulse measures 5.74 x 2.50x 0.65 inches, so it does add a bit of length and depth to the iPod touch, but is still a slick-looking device.

Mophie pulse

There's no UK release date for the Mophie Pulse, and price is also to be announced.

Marc Chacksfield

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