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Microsoft unveils notebook cooling base

Cooling base. We're big fans...sorry
Cooling base. We're big fans...sorry

Microsoft's hardware department has announced that they will be selling a cooling laptop base, as well as updating its sleek Arc mouse with a host of new colours.

The hardware department at Microsoft has not dabbled in the burgeoning laptop cooling market before, but has unveiled a rather snazzy looking base unit.

"Notebook sales are now outpacing desktop PCs three to one, and to meet that growth, the Microsoft Hardware Group is entering a new category of notebook accessories with the introduction of the Notebook Cooling Base, designed to make notebook use more comfortable with a built-in fan and sleek form," says Microsoft's press release.


The Microsoft Arc mouse has been around for some time, but the company has decided to add a little extra colour to the folding mouse.

The Arc will now also be available in special edition colours Frost white, eggplant purple, deep olive green and marine blue.

We particularly like eggplant purple – although we're going to call it Aubergine as we're a UK site.

We've contacted Microsoft about UK pricings and dates – which we'll pass on when we know, but as a guide, the laptop base will retail at $29.95 and the Arc Special Edition $49.95 over the pond.

Via Microsoft and Engadget