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Apple-1 computer sells at auction for £133,250

Apple - now selling slightly more sophisticated wares
Apple - now selling slightly more sophisticated wares

An Apple-1 computer in its original packaging has finally been auctioned off by Christie's – raising an impressive £133,250.

The auction of the computer had already hit the headlines, but the final price was, according to Christie's: "a record for a personal computer sold at auction".

The computer, originally priced at $666.66 had a whopping 8k of RAM and an 8-bit 6502 microprocessor – which is still only marginally less powerful that the computers in TechRadar towers.

Monitor and keyboard set

The lucky auction winner will still have to supply his own monitor and keyboard – neither were included in Apple's offering.

Steve Wozniak – a co-founder of Apple – was in attendance at the auction, on a day which also saw a WWII Enigma machine sold for £67,500.

Another lot which received plenty of attention was the sale of papers by Alan Turing, which did not meet its reserve.

That was despite a $100,000 contribution from Google to try to make sure that the papers remained at famed UK code-breaking centre Bletchley Park.