How to watch the Xbox Game Showcase 2023

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Xbox Games Showcase 2023 will air later this week, and might just be the best look at Xbox's first-party lineup that we've gotten in a very long time. Details are still tight, but given the sheer number of Xbox projects that have gone quiet since their initial reveals, surely this is the event where the publisher shows what it's got hiding up its sleeves.

You'll no doubt be wondering when the Xbox Games Showcase 2023 event starts, where to watch it, and what to expect in terms of games. Well, you'll find exactly that, right here on this page. At present, Xbox has revealed that the showcase will focus on new game announcements as well as updates to major titles. We also know that there will be "no full CG trailers" for first-party reveals during the presentation.

Here's everything you need to know about how to watch the Xbox Games Showcase 2023 event, including the start date and time, where you can stream the showcase, and what games might be shown.

Xbox Games Showcase 2023 start date and time

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Xbox Games Showcase 2023 will air on Sunday, June 11 at 10am PDT / 1pm EDT / 6pm BST. Expect the show to kick off promptly at this time, given that there is no pre-show event happening this time around. It will be followed by a Starfield Direct, so be sure to stick around.

How long is Xbox Games Showcase 2023?

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Thanks to some recent Tweets by VP of Xbox Games Marketing at Microsoft Aaron Greenberg, we know that Xbox Games Showcase 2023 will run "roughly two hours." Now, the question we have still is whether that includes the Starfield Direct event that follows immediately after this one. We bet it does, so expect the main event to run around 90 minutes. If we receive clarification on this, we'll update this section.

Where to watch Xbox Games Showcase 2023

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You will be able to stream Xbox Games Showcase 2023 on the following platforms:

Xbox Games Showcase 2023 predictions

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In terms of what games will be shown at the Xbox Games Showcase 2023 event, things are a little bit murky at present. You see, Xbox has a ton of games that are in the works, but very few of them have concrete information surrounding them at present. Let's start with what's likely.

Forza Motorsport will no doubt get an update at this event, the main question being whether it finally gets a release date. It had been planned for release in the first half of 2023 but got delayed to a wider 2023 window. It's a good bet that the game will finally get a date at the showcase.

Now onto some of the more elusive games in Xbox's lineup. Given that Starfield is getting its own event following this one, there could be space for Bethesda to provide an update on The Elder Scrolls 6. That game was announced all the way back in 2018, so surely it's time for even the smallest of peaks at what it will be like when it does eventually come out. Realistically, it's more likely that Bethesda will be focused on Starfield at present, but we can hope.

Avowed is the next RPG from Obsidian and is a project that is definitely due for a showing at an event such as this. Similarly, there's Fable, which seems to have gone radio silent in recent years. Generally, this is where Xbox finds itself leading up to the showcase, a lot of question marks over games that definitely need clarifications, release windows, and re-reveals. Time will tell whether any of these unreleased games will eventually end up ranking in our best Xbox Series X games list.

So there you have it, that's everything you need to know about watching Xbox Games Showcase 2023 on June 11. For a look at what other E3 2023 showcases you have to look forward to this summer, check out our E3 2023 schedule guide. For a look at Xbox's current release schedule, check out our new Xbox Series X games guide.

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