Temtem: how to hatch eggs and get the best creature stats

Temtem how to hatch eggs – a TemTem egg sitting on a platform
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In Temtem, how to hatch eggs is a key question that you'll need to answer sooner rather than later. If you want to produce new Temtem to fill out the ranks of your Temdeck, you’ll need to learn how to breed Temtem and how to coax those precious eggs into hatching. 

As with any classic monster battler, optimizing your team is absolutely essential; especially if you’re intending to build a competitive squad. Whether you’re playing on PS5, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, or PC, any prospective Temtem master will need to have serious knowledge of how to produce the best possible critters.  

Just like in Pokémon Sword and Shield, breeding is the best way to ensure that your Temtem have the best possible stats.  Fortunately, as well as offering a guide to egg hatching, we’ve also included some tips and tricks to help you get to grips with some of the finer points of breeding. With our help, you’ll be telling your DNA Strands from your Telomere Hacks in no time at all. Maybe you’ll even be lucky enough to get your hands on a Luna Temtem. Read on to find out more.  

Temtem: how to hatch eggs

The Basics of Breeding and Hatching

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If you drop off two compatible Temtem at the Breeding Center in Superior Omninesia, they’ll breed and produce an egg. Once hatched, the new Temtem will possess certain qualities of their parents. 

In order to produce an egg, you’ll need to drop off one male and one female with at least one of their Temtem types in common. However, you can break these rules if you have a Mimit – a special Temtem capable of breeding with any other Temtem regardless of sex or type. 

Your egg will inherit its species from its mother, taking the form of the first entry of her evolutionary line, so make sure you pick the right mother for your egg if there’s a specific species of Temtem that you’re looking to produce.   

After 25 minutes of real-time, an egg should appear at the Breeding Center. However, if your breeding partners are from the same evolutionary line, this will only take 15 minutes. The Breeding Center can only accommodate one egg at a time, so be sure to check in regularly.   

Once you have the egg in your possession, use the computer to place it in your party. The egg should hatch within the next 45 minutes of play, so go about your usual business and you’ll soon be rewarded with a freshly hatched Temtem. 

Tips and tricks to hatch Temtem

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Want to breed the best possible Temtem? Here are a few nuggets of information that'll help you get the most out of your eggs. 

Single Values

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Single Values are inheritable stats possessed by each Temtem and range between one and 50. They affect the stat growth of every Temtem and are absolutely crucial if you intend to get into PvP. Every Temtem stat has a corresponding SV which is used to help calculate it.  SVs are visible in the middle column of the Temtem details page, so you can easily see the strengths and weaknesses of all your critters. Importantly, Luna Temtem (rare variants of normal Temtem) always have at least three SVs at maximum, so keep an eye out. 

Each of your newly hatched Temtem’s stats has a 40% chance of inheriting the highest SV value of either of its parents, a 40% chance of inheriting the average SV between the two Temtem, and a 20% chance of getting stuck with the lowest value. However, you can force the inheritance of certain SVs by using items. 

Fertility Rate

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This stat represents the number of times a Temtem can breed and is represented by a fertility tree icon.The maximum fertility of a given Temtem is eight, but this number scales inversely with the number of SVs a Temtem has at either 49 or 50. This means that Temtem with the capacity to develop better stats are less able to breed, so be sure to select your breeding partners wisely.  

Useful Items

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There are certain items that can be used to influence breeding outcomes. For instance: DNA Strands, purchasable from the Breeding Center shopkeeper, can guarantee that certain SVs or Traits are passed to a Temtem’s offspring. Simply have your Temtem hold the DNA Strand you want and you’re in business. 

You can also use Telomere Hacks. These rare items can be found through Lairs, Weekly Fishing Competition, the Freetem! Organization and Postal Service deliveries (all of which are a great way to make Temtem money!). Telomere Hacks can be used to permanently increase a non-Luna Temtem’s SV by 1, but they also reduce the user’s fertility by one, so are best not used frivolously. 

Now you know everything you need to know about hatching eggs and breeding the best possible Temtem. You’ll have an army of supercharged critters in no time at all.

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