Temtem types: strength and weaknesses breakdown

Temtem types guide: several Temtem of varying types lined up
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When it comes to Temtem types, you may well find yourself a little overwhelmed. The MMO monster battler makes ample use of eclectic type combinations and offers a range of interactions that depart from the tried and tested pocket monster formula with which you may be familiar. 

Having started its early access journey in 2020, Temtem attempts to spice up the traditional monster battler formula by adding MMO mechanics as well as availability across a wider range of consoles than its famous Nintendo-based cousin. It offers a unique experience by allowing players to interact in a persistent online setting. Not even the best Pokémon games have attempted to pull that off. 

Currently available on PC, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch and PS5, Temtem is set to leave early access on September 6. To master Temtem, you’ll need to understand the combat system and, to do that, you’ll need to know your type advantages. As with every Pokemon title and more than a few Digimon games, different kinds of monsters are vulnerable, or resistant, to certain attacks. 

By being mindful of the type of your Temtem’s offensive techniques and how that stacks up with the affinities of the poor creature on the business end of your attack, you’ll be able to maximize your damage. Read on to find out how the different types interact.   

Temtem Types: matchups guide

Temtem types: how the matchups work

Temtem how to hatch eggs: Four Temtems battle it out against each other.

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Temtem come in all sorts of different flavors. When it comes to type, every Temtem has either a single type affinity or a combination of two. Temtem types are color-coded in the menu – more on that later. Of these types, each individual type has several others against which it is resistant or vulnerable. In the same way, every technique in Temtem has its own type-affinity. 

Use a technique of the type to which the target Temtem is vulnerable, and your attack will become 'Effective'. 'Effective' hits deal double damage. If the defending Temtem has two Types and both are vulnerable to the element used in your attack, your damage will be quadrupled and the hit will be 'Very Effective'.

If you'd like a quick reference, here is an affinity key shared by the Temtem team:

Temtem Type guide chart

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Conversely, use a technique aligned to a type against which the defending Temtem is resistant, and your attack will be 'Ineffective' and deal half damage. Again, if the foe has two types and both are resistant to your attack’s type, your technique will prove to be 'Very Ineffective' and deal only a quarter of your normal damage.

However, if you pay attention to the types of the Temtem your opponent is using and how the Type affinities of your offensive techniques interact with them, you’ll be well on your way to Temtem mastery.  

Temtem types: your comprehensive list

Temtem types: two different Temtems stand waiting for battle

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In addition to the handy chart above, we've fleshed out a blow-by-blow guide to every single Temtem Type to help you get to grips with the ins and outs of every possible kind of Temtem. 


Temtem Types guide: a picture of a Skail, a squirrel like creature

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Denoted by the color white, Neutral-type Temtem are solid, reliable, and unassuming. They have no elemental strengths but are vulnerable to damage dealt by Mental-type Temtem. Neutral-type techniques only deal half damage against Mental-types, too.  


Temtem Types Guide: Akranox, a black and purple Temtem

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Indicated by a hearty brown, these Temtem are often more defensive and slower than their cousins. They are weak to Water, Nature and Melee Techniques, but resistant to Fire, Crystal, Toxic and Electric moves. As you might expect, Earth Techniques are strong against Fire, Electric, and Crystal Temtem, but relatively ineffective against Nature, Fire and Water types.  


TemTem Types Guide: Ganki, a cute bee like Temtem

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Wind types are represented by a teal wing icon. They’re often fast and agile. In battle they’re resistant to Wind techniques as well as Earth techniques. Conversely, Wind techniques are only especially effective against Toxic-type Temtem, but only weak against Wind and Electric Temtem. 


Temtem Types guide: a Fire Temtem catches on fire

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Immune to the Burned Condition, Fire Temtem are – you guessed it – denoted by a red flame. They’re often aggressive and make for great attackers. They’re weak to Water and Earth techniques, but tougher against Fire, Nature and Crystal attacks. On the offensive, Fire moves are a great choice against Crystal and Nature Temtem, but don’t perform well against Earth, Water or Fire types.  


Temtem Types Guide: A water type Temtem does a big attack on the opposition

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Represented by a sea blue water droplet, Water-type Temtem harness the power of the waves to great effect. They are resistant to Earth, Water, and Fire attacks, while they struggle against Nature, Electric, and Toxic techniques. As for Water techniques, they excel against Earth, Fire, and Digital foes, but are rather less formidable against Toxic, Nature and Water-aligned Temtem.  


Temtem Types guide: A Houchic, a ghostly little creature

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A deep purple diamond indicates a Mental-type Temtem. These creatures tend to boast impressive Special Attack and Special Defense stats. Mental Types are resistant to Neutral and Melee techniques, but vulnerable to Electric, Digital, and Crystal Type attacks. When used in battle, Mental-type techniques are especially strong against Neutral or Melee-type targets but come up short against Crystal foes. Mental Temtem are also immune to the Asleep Condition, which can be handy if your opponent is spamming status effects. 


Temtem Types Guide, Hedgine, a robotic hedgehog

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These Technology-based Temtem are represented by gray metal bars. The Digital-type makes for an interesting addition type wheel and offers some unexpected matchups. Resistant only to Toxic-type techniques, Digital Temtem are vulnerable to Water, Electric, and, most curiously, Digital Type attacks. Digital Techniques work wonders against Mental, Melee and Digital enemies, and are not ineffective against any sort of Temtem. 


Temtem Types Guide, Babawa, a bizarre snail like Temtem

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In contrast to Digital, these Temtem are indicated by a green leaf symbol. Nature-type Temtem often have respectable Special Attack and Defense without skimping out on more conventional fundamentals like HP and Stamina. They are hardy creatures, resistant to Earth, Water, Nature and Electric techniques while only vulnerable to Toxic and Fire moves. Nature attacks are less versatile since, while they’re effective against Earth and Water enemies, Nature, Fire and Toxic enemies are resistant to Nature techniques. 


Temtem Types guide: the Smozley evolution line standing next to each other

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Represented by a yellow lightning bolt, Electric Temtem are fast and often pack a punch in combat. Type-wise, they’re resistant to Wind and Electric Techniques, but vulnerable to Crystal and Earth Attacks. Electric attacks have a wide range of type interactions, proving effective against Wind, Water, Mental and Digital adversaries. Unfortunately, their attacks are less effective against Earth, Nature, Electric and Crystal Temtem. 


Temtem types guide, Smazee, a monkey like Temtem

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Denoted by a tan-colored fist, Melee-type Temtem are masters of physical attributes. If you want great physical attackers, look no further than Melee Temtem. Though their physicality makes them vulnerable to Mental and Digital attacks, they’re resistant to Melee Techniques, as you might expect. Melee attacks are great at dealing with Earth and Crystal Temtem, but struggle against Mental or Melee foes. 


Temtem types guide, bunbun, a cute bunny like Temtem

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 Indicated by a dark red crystal, Crystal Temtem boast impressive endurance and defense. In combat, Crystal types are resistant to Electric, Mental, and Toxic attacks, but vulnerable to Melee, Earth and Fire Techniques. When used to attack, Crystal techniques are especially effective against Mental and Electric Temtem, but far less useful against Earth or Fire enemies.


Temtem Types Guide, toxic mouse Temtem

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Represented by a cluster of dark gray bubbles, Toxic Temtem are immune to the Poisoned condition and often have access to Techniques that inflict 'Status Ailments' or conditions on enemy Temtem. They are only vulnerable to Wind techniques and are resistant to Water, Nature and Toxic attacks. On the offensive, Toxic moves are best used against Water and Nature Temtem, but are relatively ineffective against Earth, Digital, Crystal or Toxic targets.

Congratulations, you are now familiar with every Temtem type there is. Soon, you'll be slinging out 'Very Effective' attacks like they're going out of style.

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