Monster Hunter Rise Rock Lizards: where to find them

Monster Hunter Rise Rock Lizards Guide: a jewelled rock lizard on a painted background
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The Monster Hunter Rise Rock Lizards are one of the most efficient ways of grinding ore available to Kamura village’s enterprising defenders. With the release of the Sunbreak expansion and all the new armor sets that have come with it, tracking down these elusive critters has never been more important. 

As with most endemic life in Monster Hunter Rise, Rock Lizards can be a crucial boon to hunters looking to make their lives easier. Ore is crucial when it comes to crafting anything from your first new longsword to Monster Hunter Rise’s most sought-after armor sets. Any aspiring hunter (who might need some Monster Hunter Rise beginner tips) will need to track some down the resource sooner or later, and taking advantage of Rock Lizard spawn points can make all the difference. 

Rock Lizards drop all sorts of materials depending on your Hunt Rank, ranging from basic iron to rare Awegite. If you find yourself in one of their likely spawning locations, it’s almost always worth taking a break from your hunt and scouting around for the bejeweled creatures. Fortunately, Rock Lizards can be found in every major hunting zone, and we’ve mapped all of them out for your convenience. 

Monster Hunter Rise Rock Lizards

Monster Hunter Rise Rock Lizards: how to hunt them

Monster Hunter Rise Rock Lizard Guide: Monster Hunter With Kunai

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There's more than one way to get the most out of Rock Lizards in Monster Hunter Rise. Get close enough to your prey and a button prompt will appear which, when pressed, causes you to attack the creature. This forces it to drop its gems and provides you with tasty loot. 

However, if you're patient and keep at range, you can, instead, choose to attack the Rock Lizard with one of your Throwing Kunai. If you hit the target in rapid succession, the Rock Lizard can drop materials up to three times. With this in mind, it's important to never leave the village without a few Throwing Kunai in your back pocket, just in case. 

Where to find Monster Hunter Rise Rock Lizards

Whenever you go out on a Hunt or an Expedition, there are certain locations across each locale where Rock Lizards might spawn. See the green dots added to the maps below for more info on these spawn points.

Shrine Ruins

Monster Hunter Rise Rock Lizards Guide: a diagram showing where to find rock lizards in the Shrine Ruins

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Rock Lizards may be found in Area 1, Area 8, Area 10 and Area 12 of the Shrine Ruins. Given its proximity to the Camp, it is almost always worth checking out the location in Area 1 to see if you've got a lucky spawn.  

Frost Islands

Monster Hunter Rise Rock Lizards Guide: a diagram showing where to find rock lizards in the Frost Islands

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Rock Lizards may be found in the Frost Islands at Area 1, Area 3, Area 4 and Area 9. The Frost Islands are a great place to track down Icium, which you'll need in abundance when going up against large monsters with fire-based attacks. Grabbing the Rock Lizards on the way can be a great way to make the most of those Expedition Tours. 

Flooded Forest

Monster Hunter Rise Rock Lizards Guide: a diagram showing where to find rock lizards in the Flooded Temple

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You can find Rock Lizards in Area 1, Area 2, Area 3, Area 6 and Area 13 of the Flooded Forest. Be sure to check the spot in Area 1, since you'll likely be passing it anyway on your way between Camp and your prey. 

Sandy Plains

Monster Hunter Rise Rock Lizards Guide: a diagram showing where to find rock lizards in the Sandy Plains

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Area 5 and Area 8 are the places to go if you're looking for Rock Lizards in the Sandy Plains. The two spawn points in Area 5 definitely make it worth a detour if you find yourself nearby on a Hunt.

Lava Caverns

The majority of the Rock Lizards in the Lava Caverns can be found underground in Area 4, Area 9, Area 13, and Area 14. They may also be found on the surface in Area 1. 

With these locations and tips under your belt, you'll be rolling in precious ore in no time. Time to strap on that Throwing Kunai and get to work. 

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