Borderlands 3 Zane builds: best skill trees, abilities and action skills for your Operative

Borderlands 3 Zane builds
(Image credit: Gearbox Software)

If you prefer to play the trickster in your RPGs, then you’ll be itching to find out what the best Borderlands 3 Zane builds are. 

Well, that’s where we come in, rather than you floundering about trying to figure out what to do, we’ve got your answers right here. That’s right, read on and you will be rewarded for the best Borderlands 3 Zane builds whether you like to play with yourself, or play with your friends. 

Why choose Zane?

Borderlands 3 Zane builds

(Image credit: Gearbox Software)

Zane is a silver-haired Operative who specializes in tricking opponents and using an array of different gadgets to get the job done. 

He has access to a Digi-Clone that can distract foes and even fight for him, a SNTNL drone who can fight alongside him, and a Barrier to protect him. Not only this, but he is the only class that can equip two Action Skills at once, making him the most versatile of the new Vault Hunters. 

Best Zane solo build

Borderlands 3 Zane builds

(Image credit: Gearbox Software)

This build relies on using your Barrier to stay alive at all times. You can then combine that with the SNTNL drone to allow you to stay safe while doling out damage, but survival comes first here. 

That’s why we’re going to be focused on the Under Cover skill tree. Here is what you need: 

  • Hearty Stock: improves Max Shields. 
  • Ready For Action: improves Shield Recharge Rate and Delay. 
  • Stiff Upper Lip: whenever you are damaged you gain Damage Resistance against that damage type. 
  • Rise To The Occasion: gives you Health Regeneration that improves more the lower your shields are. 
  • Really Expensive Jacket: status Effects have reduced duration. 
  • Futility Belt: increases resistance to non-elemental damage and converts damage to non-elemental damage after killing an enemy. 
  • Calm, Cool, Collected: freezing an enemy either recharges your shields, regens your health, or reduces your Action Skill cooldown. 
  • Distributed Denial: your Barrier gains the effects of your current Shield Mod.

All of these skills will keep you alive far longer, which means you’ll be a monster in solo play. If you want to survive even longer, take the Salvation skill from the Hitman skill tree. This grants you Life Steal after killing an enemy and will keep you alive even longer. 

Best Zane co-op build

Borderlands 3 Zane builds

(Image credit: Gearbox Software)

This build is all about using your Action Skills to stay in the game and fight for you. 

As a result, it’s a good idea to equip the Digi-Clone and SNTNL drone to really increase your firepower. You’re not alone if you’re surrounded by toys.

Sadness aside, here are the skills you want from the Doubled Agent skill tree: 

  • Synchronicity: increases gun damage whenever an Action Skill is active. 
  • Borrowed Time: increases Action Skill Duration for every active Action Skill. 
  • Donnybrook: give you and your clone extra Gun Damage and Health Regen when you kill an enemy. 
  • Quick Breather: swapping places with your clone causes your shields to immediately start recharging. 
  • Old-U: swapping places with your Clone while in Fight for your Life will automatically resurrect you with full health. 
  • Like A Ghost: gives Zane and his clone a chance to ignore bullets.
  • Double Barrel: gives your clone a copy of your equipped weapon and increases Gun Damage when swapping with them.

You can spend your other skills on whatever you like after this point. There are plenty of good ones to choose from, so go wild. 

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