This upcoming limited-edition Mixtape lets you play 30 spooky games just in time for Halloween

Super Rare Mixtape
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If you’re searching for something spooky to play on your Windows PC or laptop this Halloween, you’re in luck. Super Rare Games has today revealed a brand new Super Rare Mixtape that contains a wide range of horror-themed indie titles.

For those unfamiliar, a Super Rare Mixtape is effectively a limited edition USB drive that comes loaded with a hand-curated selection of 30 of the best indie games and a number of short demos. A handful of small bonus features, including developer audio diaries and concept art, are also included in the package.

Each Super Rare Mixtape is released in extremely limited quantities (only 1,500 copies of every version are available to the public via the Super Rare Website) and retail for $35.99 / £34.80. As the name would suggest, the drive’s physical design imitates the look of a classic cassette tape making it the perfect gaming gift or collectible.

The selection of included games varies dramatically between different editions, which are all intended to be a “showcase of pure originality and creativity, both in content and design”. This latest version, however, follows a broad horror theme and packs a range of spine-tingling titles like PortaBoy+, Mysteries Under Lake Ophelia, and Digidream.

As a fan of all kinds of whimsical flying creatures, I'm personally most looking forward to playing MOTH HOUSE - a short adventure in which you try and catch moths across a pitch-black abandoned house. There are 25 different types of moth to discover here and, while I'm not remotely afraid of the insects myself, the VHS-inspired monochrome visuals lend everything a suitably sinister feel.

Set to release on October 19, diving into any one of these 30 games could be the perfect way to get into the Halloween spirit.

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