These 4K gaming monitor deals are perfect for PS5 and Xbox

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If you've been after a top-tier screen to pair with your PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X, then these are some 4K gaming monitor deals you'll want to take notice of.

Not only do these screens offer a full 4K resolution with no compromises, but they also have a host of gaming and console-focused features that will elevate your experience further. 

First is the MSI G321CU, a monitor that I've personally been eyeing up in recent months, which is down to a lowest-ever price that we haven't seen since Black Friday last year. Yours today for just $379.99 at Amazon (was $529.99), this is a 32-inch 4K gaming monitor that sports a VA panel, a 1ms response time, a 144Hz refresh rate, HDMI 2.1 ports for PS5 and Xbox Series X, and an immersion-heightening 1500R curve.

However, if you prefer your gaming screens flat then MSI and Amazon have you covered once more as the MSI MAG274UPF (catchy, right?) is down to $349.99 at Amazon (was $449.99). This 27-inch 4K screen has an IPS panel, G-Sync compatibility, HDR400 rating, and those sweet, sweet HDMI 2.1 ports for current-gen consoles, and a refresh rate of up to 144Hz and a response time of 1ms.

These give the best monitors for PS5 and the best monitors for Xbox Series X a serious run for their money at full retail price, but with these discounts, the value on offer is exceptional. You can see more information on the deals below as well as some more 4K monitor prices further on down.

Today's best PS5 and Xbox monitor deals

MSI G321CU 4K gaming monitor: $529.99 $379.99 at Amazon
Save $150

MSI G321CU 4K gaming monitor: was $529.99 now $379.99 at Amazon
Save $150 - This is a record-matching lowest-ever price for this exceptionally good value and quality curved 4K screen. If you want to get something immersion-enhancing that's built only with gaming in mind, then this is perfect for the current-gen consoles.

Price check: Best Buy - $379.99 | Walmart - $429.99

MSI MAG274UPF 4K gaming monitor: $449.99 $349.99 at Amazon
Save $100

MSI MAG274UPF 4K gaming monitor: was $449.99 now $349.99 at Amazon
Save $100 - Not as big a saving on this one, but still a discount that takes this excellent 4K flat screen down to the lowest-ever price. This is perfect for multi-device setups on a desktop, and the more compact screen won't take up as much room as the 32-inch above.

Price check: Best Buy - $349.99 | Walmart - $399.99

UK price: Currys - £549

If neither of those quite matches what you're searching for then we've included a host of the latest lowest prices on some alternative 4K monitors below as dug up by our deal-finding tech.

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