Starfield voice actors and cast list so far

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Starfield is Bethesda's first brand-new series (or IP, in technical speak) in almost 25 years, so it's safe to say there's a lot riding on the space-faring RPG. Now that we're just a week or so out, we've been getting more information including a look at the Starfield voice actors and cast.

You'll no doubt recognize some of the actors behind Starfield's main cast, given that the majority of them have voiced characters in some very well-known games. While playing the upcoming Xbox Series X game, you'll meet an eclectic cast of characters. And you can even romance some of them.

Here's the main Starfield voice cast, so that you can put some faces to the characters that you meet while making your way across the game's expansive universe. As new characters are revealed, and after the game's launch, we'll be sure to update this list.

Starfield voice actors list

Starfield ship travelling faster than light

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Bethesda has revealed some of the main cast for Starfield. Check them out below, and then we'll break down where you might know each actor from.

  • Sarah Morgan - Emily O'Brien
  • Barrett - Barry Wiggins
  • Sam Coe - Elias Toufexis
  • Andreja - Cissy Jones
  • Matteo Khatri - Carlos Valdes
  • Noel - Dana Gourrier
  • Vlad - Bumper Robinson
  • Walter Stroud - Armin Shimerman

Sarah Morgan - Emily O'Brien

Sarah Morgan in Starfield

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Sarah Morgan is the fierce leader of Constellation. She's voiced by Emily O'Brien, who has previously worked on games like Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series (Gamora), as well as Death Stranding.

Barrett - Barry Wiggins

Barrett in Starfield

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Barrett is also a member of Constellation, and will be one of the very first characters you will meet at the start of Starfield. He's played by Barry Wiggins, who is primarily a TV actor, having worked on everything from The X-Files to Arrested Development.

Sam Coe - Elias Toufexis

Sam Coe in Starfield

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Sam Coe is described as an excellent pilot, and an even better dad! He is voiced by Elias Toufexis, who has worked on Saints Row, As Dusk Falls, and Gotham Knights. Funnily enough, he played The Penguin in Gotham Knights.

Andreja - Cissy Jones

Andreja in Starfield

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Andreja is Constellation’s newest recruit, hailing from the farthest reaches of the Settled Systems. She's played by Cissy Jones, who previously worked on Baldur's Gate 3, Life Is Strange (she plays Joyce), and Remnant 2.

Matteo Khatri - Carlos Valdes

Matteo in Starfield

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Matteo is Constellation's resident theologian. He is committed to understanding humanity’s place in the universe through studying relics of our ancient past. Voiced by Carlos Valdes, best known for playing Cisco Ramon in The Flash TV series (CW).

Noel - Dana Gourrier

Noel in Starfield

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Noel is Sarah Morgan's protégé, she's a brilliant scientist in her own right and prefers to support Constellation from the comfort of her lab. She's also the youngest member of Constellation. Noel is played by Dana Gourrier, who has worked on games like Detroit: Become Human.

Vlad - Bumper Robinson

Vlad in Starfield

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Vlad is a former Crimson Fleet pirate, with experience piloting ships in the far reaches of the Settled Systems. He's played by Bumper Robinson, who previously worked on Redfall and Saints Row.

Walter Stroud - Armin Shimerman

Walter in Starfield

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Walter Shroud is co-owner of Stroud-Eklund, who has used both his wealth and passion for exploration to help build Constellation into what it is today. He's voiced by Armin Shimerman, who played Andrew Ryan in BioShock, and Dr. Nefarious in the Ratchet and Clank series.

That's everything we know about Starfield's voice cast so far. For more on the game, read our coverage on how Starfield had originally planned to use a voiced protagonist, before scrapping it later in development.

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