Where to find The Den in Starfield

The Den floating near the planet Cthonia
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Starfield lets you explore a vast galaxy, comprised of many star systems filled with planets, outposts and other points of interest. Some star systems are well worth visiting as soon as you can, like the Wolf system. The reason for this is that it is home to The Den, a space station that can be particularly useful for those wanting to dabble in a little bit of piracy.

You see, The Den can be the perfect place to sell Contraband in Starfield, given that you won't be scanned upon arrival into the Wolf star system. Because of this, many players will want to know where The Den is as early as possible. That's where we come in. 

Here's where to find The Den in Starfield, as well as some info on what you can do once you get there. To find The Den, you will need to have completed the game's tutorial, and be able to Grav Jump to systems outside of Alpha Centauri.

Where to find The Den in Starfield

The Wolf system shown on Starfield's galaxy map

(Image credit: Bethesda)

To find The Den in Starfield you will need to head to the Wolf system. This is located just to the right of the Alpha Centauri system. You'll need to travel there using your ship. 

The Den shown on Starfield's galaxy map, in the Wolf system

(Image credit: Bethesda)

Once you arrive in the Wolf star system, you need to open up the galaxy map, and travel to the planet Chthonia. The Den is a space station that orbits this planet. Just look for a small white icon next to Chthonia. Now, you need to fly your ship within 500 meters of The Den to dock with it. You can now board.

What can you do at The Den?

Approaching The Den in a ship in Starfield

(Image credit: Bethesda)

The main reason to visit The Den is to offload Contraband in Starfield. Just head to the yellow Trade Authority Shop near the entrance to do this (you will need to speak to Marcel). There are a few smaller quests to take on here too, and a group of characters to meet. You'll earn 60XP for visiting The Den as well.

That's where to find The Den in Starfield. Now that the space-faring Xbox exclusive is finally here, why not check out what other Xbox Series X games are on the horizon by visiting our new Xbox Series X games list.

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