Skull and Bones seems set to take full advantage of PS5 hardware features when it launches next week

Skull and Bones
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Jussi Markkanen, the technical director of the upcoming multiplayer pirate adventure game Skull and Bones, has revealed some of the ways in which the game will take advantage of the hardware features of the PlayStation 5.

In a recent interview posted to the official PlayStation Blog, Markkanen explained that the unique features of the DualSense Wireless Controller are going to help enhance the combat experience. “Naval combat really comes alive with the DualSense [...] when using the adaptive triggers,” Markkanen said. 

“From sea fires and giant ballistae, to rocket launchers and mortars, you will be able to experience the different tensions of the triggers as you fire a variety of different weapons.”

This concept will be immediately familiar to anyone who has played other recent PS5 titles by Skull and Bones publisher Ubisoft (like Far Cry 6 or Assassin’s Creed Mirage) which have often made extensive use of the adaptive triggers. 

Markkanen went on to say that the “controller also rumbles in specific locations based on where your weapons are firing and where you’re taking damage,” which certainly seems like an intriguing way to enhance immersion through rumble vibration.

Skull and Bones will also feature 3D Audio for those using any of the best PS5 headsets that support it. In addition to helping you locate incoming fire by the simulated direction of audio cues, it will allow you to better hear the exact origin of commands shouted by your crew. As an aside, Markkanen added that the game will feature “30 shanties” for your crew to sing in a range of languages for you to appreciate in all their glory.

In terms of overall performance, the interview confirms that the game will run at a 4K resolution and a targeted 60fps frame rate, and that the PS5’s “ultra-fast” SSD storage helps cut down loading times.

While this all sounds like a perfect way to utilize the power of the PS5, we will have to wait and see the performance for ourselves when Skull and Bones launches on February 16, 2024. Those who want to get into the swashbuckling action even earlier can pre-order the Premium Edition for up to three days early access.

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