I am once again recommending the Nitro Deck during the Memorial Day sales period

Nitro Deck deals.
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Perhaps predictably, Nitro Deck limited edition models are seeing compelling discounts across the board during the Memorial Day sales weekend. These deals are fantastic value if you'd prefer your Nitro Deck to come with a carry case, alternate thumbsticks and one of a variety of eye-catching color schemes.

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Right now, you can save $10 on a range of limited edition Nitro Deck models, taking the price down to $79.99 (was $89.99). Discounted models include the Retro Purple and Classic Grey designs, as well as the translucent Crystal Collection range that embraces the iconic see-through look of many Nintendo 64 and Game Boy Color models.

We've also included cheaper options in the standard Nitro Deck editions. These have dropped to just $49.99 at Amazon presently (were $59.99). While these lack ancillary features like the carry case, they do have their own colorways that may suit your tastes.

Today's best Nitro Deck deals

CRKD Nitro Deck Limited Edition (Retro Purple): $89.99 $79.99 at Amazon

CRKD Nitro Deck Limited Edition (Retro Purple): was $89.99 now $79.99 at Amazon
This is a discount we often see for the Nitro Deck limited editions, but it's one we always like to highlight given the fantastic overall quality of the product. Expect superb build quality and best-in-class Hall effect thumbsticks that prevent the risk of stick drift. Also included is a carry case and some alternative thumbstick caps.

Browse other designs:

Classic Grey: Amazon - $79.99
Atomic Red: Amazon - $79.99
Crystal Pink: Amazon - $79.99
Emerald Green: Amazon - $79.99
Orange Zest: Amazon - $79.99

CRKD Nitro Deck Standard Edition (Black): $59.99 $49.99 at Amazon

CRKD Nitro Deck Standard Edition (Black): was $59.99 now $49.99 at Amazon
While these standard edition models don't come with a carry case or alternative thumbstick caps, they're still worth a look if you're on a tighter budget. What's more, some have their own unique color schemes that may suit your fancy.

Browse other designs:

PAL Grey: Amazon - $49.99
Retro Blue: Amazon - $49.99
Retro Pink: Amazon - $49.99
White: Amazon - $49.99

We consider the Nitro Deck to be the best Nintendo Switch accessory on the market right now. It tops our list because of its excellent build quality and the dramatically improved experience that it offers to handheld players. The addition of Hall effect sticks really helps here, as they prevent the kind of stick drift that plagues the likes of the Joy-Con controllers and the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller.

Not in the US? Consider checking the list below for all the best Nitro Deck prices in your region.

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