PDP's new Victrix Gambit Prime controller goes big on multiplayer with minimal input latency and an array of swappable modules

Victrix Gambit Prime
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Hardware manufacturer PDP has just launched the Victrix Gambit Prime, a wired controller that's potentially one to keep an eye on if you primarily play online multiplayer games.

Bearing the official 'Designed for Xbox' branding, the Victrix Gambit Prime is compatible with Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One and PC. It can be bought either from PDP's official website, or retailers like Amazon, for $79.99. Unfortunately, it only seems to be available in the US right now.

The Prime is actually considerably cheaper than its preceding model, the Victrix Gambit ($99.99 / £89.99). While both controllers seem similar on the surface, the Victrix Gambit Prime swaps a high-quality carry case for a compact container used for storing the extra modules it comes packed with.

In terms of additional modules, it's looking like a pretty robust package. You're getting four sets of analog sticks (three concave with one tall shaft, and an additional convex stick), four analog stick gates (two circular, two octagonal) two d-pads and two back panels for accessing those remappable back buttons.

Furthermore, the Victrix Gambit Prime boasts five trigger stop settings and input lag reduction via the controller's Dual Core Technology, which was also featured in the regular Victrix Gambit. All in all, it sounds like a rich package that's ideal for online multiplayer gaming.

In our original Victrix Gambit review, we praised its modularity and build quality, awarding it four out of five stars. We recommended the controller for those who don't quite have the budget for the pricier (but still excellent) Victrix Pro BFG.

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