Xbox Game Pass is getting tons of new games this month, including Bluey: The Videogame and Madden NFL 24

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Xbox Game Pass is getting several new additions in the coming month, including Bluey: The Videogame and Madden NFL 24

Subscribers will be spoilt for choice as six games will be available on Xbox Game Pass in the last week of February going into the first week of March on Xbox Series X|S and PC. You can prime your pre-install buttons right now so you can enjoy each one of these to the fullest. 

There are also a couple of additions that players can experience right now. These include Return to Grace, a first-person narrative adventure in which a space archaeologist discovers a tomb of a lost A.I. god, and journeys to find out why it was shut down all those years ago. There are multiple endings to this narrative game, so every choice you make will have great consequences for how your story plays out. 

Subscribers will also be able to enjoy Tales of Arise right away. This is a third-person role-playing game (RPG) in which you must accompany a mysterious girl and fight an oppressive ruling class that has been enacting 300 years of tyranny. It's also an open world, so there are a ton of things to explore and experience. The RPG was just added to the PlayStation Plus Game Catalog, so PlayStation 5 or PS4 owners can enjoy this story-rich game as well. 

There are also a couple of games leaving the Game Pass library soon. These are Madden NFL 22 and Soul Hackers 2, so if you still own these titles, be sure to plan out your achievement grind and complete everything you can before they're gone. 

The list of upcoming Game Pass games, and perks is as follows:

  • Bluey: The Videogame - February 22
  • Maneater - February 27
  • Madden NFL 24 - February 27 
  • Indivisible - February 28
  • Space Engineers - February 29 
  • Warhammer 40,000: Boltgun - March 5 
  • Diablo IV - March 28
  • Calm Premium – 3-month trial offer – Available now 
  • Apex Legends: Breakout Supercharge Pack – Available now 
  • Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: Drakkar Edition Pack – Available now 
  • Puzzle Quest 3: Green Knight’s Gear Bundle – Available now 
  • PUBG: Battlegrounds – Exclusive Survivor Pack – Available now 

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