Sea of Thieves Season 10 pushed back to October, after devs make "difficult decision" to delay

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Sea of Thieves Season 10 has officially been pushed back to October as the devs promise players even more polished content as a consolation. 

As one of the most popular multiplayer titles on Game Pass, Sea of Thieves has a ton of fans waiting at its beck and call, so the news of Season 10's delay has rubbed some the wrong way. The main reason for the discontent is that now Season 9 will be even longer. 

Season 9's length means that there's no longer anything to do in the multiplayer sea-exploring title. Even the devs acknowledge that many of the core userbases have hit Renown Level 100 (this highest you can get per season), and most of the areas and events on the map have been explored and completed. So for these next couple of months, there isn't really a lot for players to interact with. 

"We know you’ve come to expect a consistent rhythm of how and when we deliver new gameplay experiences",  head of community, Christina McGrath said in a blog post. "However, there’s still a whole lot happening outside the Seasonal rhythm – so we’re hopeful that even without a new Season next month, you’ll still have lots to do."

Thankfully, it's not all bad news. While fans may not get the regularly scheduled new content right away, this extra bit of time not only ensures that Season 10 is in the best condition possible, but also opens the doors to even more events. 

The current plan laid out in the blog post is to take what was meant to be Season 11's headline content and turn it into an event for Season 10. This new content will launch in the second month of Season 10, meaning that players will be getting two headliner features in a season. 

"We’re hopeful that while things may feel a little slow at the moment, we’ll be barrelling into the last few months of the year with lots of momentum, giving players the sense of a world re-energised by a packed Season Ten schedule including multiple feature releases, events and experiences."

Sea of Thieves is available to play on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC. If you're a fan of this swash-buckling title, then check out our best games on Xbox Game Pass list for even more fun at no extra cost. 

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