Lego Fortnite can be played solo or with up to 7 friends

A screenshot from the Lego Fortnite cinematic trailer showing four characters.
(Image credit: Epic Games / Lego)

A new cinematic trailer has shown off a bit more of what Fortnite players can expect when the highly anticipated Lego Fortnite mode launches tomorrow (December 7). What’s more, the Lego website has now confirmed that it can be played solo or with up to seven friends.

The trailer shows popular Fortnite character Brite Bomber fleeing from danger before she accidentally enters a Rift and gets transported to the world of Lego (and looks far more thrilled with the prospect of suddenly being turned into blocks than I imagine most would in that situation). We then see her slowly get accustomed to the world, building a settlement alongside more people, and then eventually entering what appears to be a lair of dangerous monsters, including an enormous dragon of some sort. You can take a look below. 

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A short sentence on the Lego website introducing this latest trailer is what has seemingly confirmed the number of possible players in the mode. It reads: “Take a sneak peek inside our new open-world adventure! Get ready to build, survive and thrive, either solo or with up to seven friends…”

It was previously confirmed that over 1,200 pre-existing Fortnite skins will be given blocky Lego variants when Lego Fortnite launches, hopefully meaning that as many players as possible will be able to use their favorite skins in the mode. 

The survival crafting mode was announced last week during The Big Bang live event, where it was also confirmed that a new racing game developed by Rocket League studio Psyonix and a music game developed by Rock Band studio Harmonix will be playable within Fortnite later this week. Rocket Racing will be playable from Friday, December 8, while Fortnite Festival will be accessible from Saturday, December 9.

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