Cyberpunk 2077 players should start a new save before jumping into update 2.0

Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty DLC
(Image credit: CD Projekt Red)

CD Projekt Red recommends returning Cyberpunk 2077 players start a brand new save when update 2.0 drops.

Ahead of the release of the highly-anticipated update, the developer has said that veteran players will find more enjoyment if they start a new save file from scratch, as 2.0 essentially revamps the original game that launched in 2020.

"Hey, chooms! While you'll be able to continue the game with your current character on an existing save, we recommend starting a new game after Cyberpunk 2077 Update 2.0," CD Projekt Red said in a recent tweet. 

"Due to the number of changes, starting fresh will enhance your overall gameplay experience!"

Update 2.0 is a free update that will launch on September 21 and will feature a complete makeover of Cyberpunk 2077's systems that were implemented at launch, such as a redesign of skill trees and perks, improved cyberware and combat AI, UI and UX changes, and more.

The update will also introduce a new police system, radio station, as well as vehicle combat and car chases, allowing you to use a multitude of weapons to defeat enemies on the streets of Night City - you can even hack into cars if you're a skilled netrunner. 

But before launch, you may want to check your PC is up to standards. The game's lead scene programmer Filip Pierściński recently urged players to check their cooling systems ahead of the release otherwise 2.0 could cook your PC

"Before release CP2077 2.0 and PL please check conditions of your cooling systems in PC," Pierściński said. "We use all what you have, so workload on CPU 90% on 8 core is expected. To save your time please run Cinebench or similar and check stability of your systems."

Following 2.0's release, Phantom Liberty, the game's one and only paid expansion, will launch on September 26 for PS5Xbox Series X|S, and PC. The DLC will expand on the base game by adding new story content and characters - including Idris Elba as Solomon Reed, another famous face to go alongside Keanu Reeves' Johnny Silverhand - as well as a new district and combat zone called Dog Town, and much more.

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