This is the best thing you can get for your PS5 for under $50

PlayStation 5 with Charging Station
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Being on a tight budget is no excuse for missing out on one of the best PS5 accessories on the cheap. In terms of the most essential items you can get for your PS5 console for under $50 / £50 / AU$50, the officially licensed DualSense Charging Station is something that every console owner should consider picking up. 

Let’s face it: as much as we love the DualSense controller, the battery life of Sony’s standard gamepad isn’t exactly amazing. Depending on your usage, you can expect anywhere from four to eight hours of continuous play on a single charge. This means you’ll have to plug it in after every play session (or after two, if you’re a little more reserved with your gaming time). 

Unlike with the Xbox Wireless controller, there’s no alternative power solution; as much as we wish we could use AA batteries on the DualSense, it’s just not possible. If you’re someone who uses your PS5 to enjoy streaming services such as Netflix, you may notice the battery life disappearing before your eyes without any prior word of warning. 

DualSense Charging Station

(Image credit: Sony)

DualSense Charging Station

Keep your controllers charged up and ready to go for less

Reasons to buy

Competitively priced 
Frees up USB ports 
Support for two controllers 

Reasons to avoid

Three hour charging time 

We consider the DualSense Charging Station to be an essential accessory for anyone who gets serious use out of their console. This is especially true if you own more than one DualSense controller; simply dock both overnight, and then they’re ready to go when you switch your system on the next day. This means you’re keeping your gamepads fuelled up and ready to go, so you won’t have to reach for the USB-C cable as often. 

The DualSense Charging Station is competitively priced in all territories as well. You can expect to pay $29 / £24.95 / AU$49.95, so it’s not an add-on that’s going to break the bank, We’re hoping that the Black Friday PS5 deals could make it even cheaper, too. A real strength of this accessory is the convenience that it adds to your setup, as the station includes its own dedicated power cable so you can free up the front and rear USB ports. This means you’ll have more space for the best PS5 external hard drives.

What’s more, it essentially acts as a storage stand for your controllers as well. Every console owner has been guilty of misplacing their gamepads at least once in their life so far, ripping the sofa apart in a frenzied panic. Sometimes we swear we left it on the coffee table, or right by the TV, only to wake up and see it’s missing – and only to find it hours later sitting on top of the microwave. 

With this dedicated controller charger, you’ll have a safe storage spot at the ready with the knowledge that they will be fully charged when you want to play.  

Can you leave PS5 controllers plugged in overnight?

 There’s no harm in leaving your PS5 controllers plugged into the console overnight. The console goes into Rest Mode which, depending on the power saving settings enabled, will still deliver power to the ports, so your gamepads will juice up. Remember, though, that the console only has one front-facing USB port, with the others on the rear, meaning two cables will be needed if you own a duo of controllers without the charging station.  

How long does it take to charge a PS5 controller while playing?

Whether you’re leaving your controller to charge or using it plugged in, the DualSense takes around three hours to juice up from completely flat. A red light shows that the gamepad is charging properly, and when it changes over to blue, you’ll know that it’s fully charged.  

Why does my PS5 controller go flat so quickly?

The DualSense utilizes a lot of advanced technology, such as haptic feedback, adaptive triggers, and a touchpad which can take a toll on the battery life. These are features that the competition from Microsoft and Nintendo don’t include, hence why the Xbox and Switch Pro wireless controllers can outlast Sony’s OEM. 

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