Soul jump into March’s PlayStation Plus Catalog with this action-adventure game

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PlayStation Plus is an essential tool for those who want to discover and play new games for a lower price. 

This games catalog is Sony’s version of Xbox’s Game Pass; while the jury’s still out on whether it’s better than its Microsoft counterpart, PlayStation Plus offers some great deals. With three tiers of membership, Premium, Extra, and Essential, you can choose the right plan for you. As Premium provides the most benefits, such as access to the classics catalog, game trials, and cloud streaming, it tends to be the favorite for PS5 and PS4 players. 

With new games added every month, there’s plenty to get your hands on. The March additions are no different. Starting March 21, AAA and indie titles are included, which is more than enough to see you through the month. Moreover, downloading these titles will make them accessible until you end your subscription. 

Heavy hitters  

Life is Strange: True Colors

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March’s additions to the PlayStation Plus Catalog are pretty impressive. With the likes of action-adventure title Uncharted Legacy of thieves collection, multiplayer FPS Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction, and the episodic adventure game Life is Strange 2 joining the roster; you’ll be hard-pressed to find the time to get through all of these, let alone the other games joining PlayStation Plus this month. 

There are also a couple of indie games in this month's catalog. Now you’ll be able to create an absolute mess in the RPG Untitled Goose Game, explore a mysterious landscape in the role-playing adventure game Haven and finally get to soul jump around a beautiful archipelago in the physics-driven title Tchia

Tchia stood out to me in particular for its beautifully peaceful art style. Exploring the luscious landscape was a breath of fresh air; each location is inspired by New Caledonia (a French Colony in the South Pacific comprised of dozens of small islands). It also means that new cultures are periodically introduced throughout the game, giving it a new lease on life.

Tasting board  

PlayStation Showcase

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I always thought of the Xbox Game Pass and PlayStation Plus as a tasting board where trial and error thrives. It’s a brilliant zero-commitment way to try out new games you haven’t heard of or aren’t sure you’d enjoy. 

You’re already paying for the subscription, so if you play a title that isn’t your cup of tea, you have no significant loss. The only hassle present is downloading your game and taking up precious memory space. But you can always delete games after you’re finished or invest in one of the best SSD cards to give your PS5 all the memory it needs for the vast catalog of games.  

Either way, sometimes it's hard to take a chance on indie games, but if you’re subscribed to either game's catalog, it may be a good chance to broaden your horizons and try out an entirely new game now and then. You never know what you may find. 

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