Want a great password manager for 50% off? Nab this deal while it lasts

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Passwords can be something of a thorny problem. If you make them too easy to remember, with not enough variety of complex characters, you could get in trouble with having accounts hacked, as they’ll most likely be easily guessable (or certainly a piece of cake to brute force and crack). Yet on the other hand, if you make your passwords overly tricky to recall, then you might end up in a situation where you forget them. Or to avoid that danger, you might end up writing them down on a scrap of paper or notepad instead.

There are obvious security risks attached to the latter practice. What if someone finds your cache of passwords, and then copies them, or takes a quick photo? They’ll then have access to all your online accounts, or at least those for which you haven’t activated two-factor authentication.

Of course, there’s an easy way around these issues – a solution that allows you to have your password cake and eat it, so to speak. And that’s to enlist the help of a password manager to take care of all your passwords seamlessly, with no fuss or effort required from yourself.

Well, for some folks, the only slight bit of perceived hassle might be the question of which app to use for password management duties. For help there, you can turn to our roundup of the best password managers, which highlights all the top picks in this arena, but before you make that all-important choice, here’s one thing to bear in mind. Namely, there’s a seriously excellent deal on one of those top-performing password management apps right now.

We’re talking about Keeper, which has been one of our favorite password managers for some time, and it’s now made all the more tempting because it is currently half-price.

Keeper Unlimited Plan:Save 50% -

Keeper Unlimited Plan: £15/$17.50 per year| 1 user
Save 50% - This is the plan designed for a single user, delivering unlimited password storage, strong password generation, and other benefits like auto-fill for online forms plus more besides. This deal runs until September 1.

Keeper Family Plan:Save 50% -

Keeper Family Plan: £35.99/$37.49 per year  | 5 users
Save 50% - The Family subscription provides the same features as the Unlimited plan, but for up to five users, with each family member getting their own private vault to store sensitive data, and the ability to easily share files and passwords in a highly secure fashion. Again, this offer runs until September 1.

Yes, you can get 50% off Keeper subscriptions from now until the end of summer – September 1 to be precise – with that same chunky discount being applied to any add-ons which you wish to include with your subscription plan.

Keeper offers two tiers of subscription, both benefiting from that half-price deal. The Keeper Unlimited plan is for single users who want an all-in-one password solution which works across all their devices, no matter how many. And then there’s the Keeper Family plan which provides the same features but for five users, with the additional bonus of a private vault for every user, and 10GB of secure online file storage.

Should you want to avail yourself of this half-price offer, you’ll need to commit at some point in the remainder of the summer, before that September 1 expiry date rolls around – and that’s also true for the same 50% off that applies to the Keeper add-ons that can be purchased along with a subscription plan.

Those add-ons include BreachWatch, which as the name suggests looks out for any of your data that might have been leaked online due to a data breach or hack, and the Keeper Concierge service, which offers specialist support for setting up Keeper, guidance on best security practices, and 24/7 help should you require further assistance.

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