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This top password manager is now seriously affordable

(Image credit: Natty_Blissful / Shutterstock)

With so many account passwords to remember these days, it’s important to keep all of them organized, accessible and safe.

Keeper Security, a main player in the password manager market, helps users keep their credentials secure, while also allowing them to log in with ease via a simple autofill feature. 

The password manager can also be used to generate high-strength passwords for sites and applications, which can then be accessed from all synced devices.

Keeper Unlimited Plan: $104.97 $73.48| 3 years, 1 User
Save 30% - The perfect plan for a single user, with features including unlimited password storage, strong password generation, autofill, biometric login and more.View Deal

Meanwhile, the platform keeps important documents, images, and other digital assets safe in a personal encrypted vault. And fingerprint and facial ID integration keeps all your data doubly safe from prying eyes.

The company's three-year Unlimited plan is now available for $73.48/£62.98, 30% off the normal price. The three-year Keeper Family plan, which also includes five private cloud storage vaults, is also available at a 30% discount for $157.48/£151.18 (down from $224.97). 

Best password manager deal

Keeper Family Plan: $224.97$157.48  | 3 years, 5 Users
Save 30% - This five user plan includes all the features of the Keeper Unlimited Plan, but adds in 10GB of secure file storage, with each user given a private vault.View Deal

Why is this a great deal?

What separates Keeper Security from the rest of the pack is that it’s more than just a password manager. For example, dark web monitoring and breach alerts offer users more well-rounded protection.

Additionally, the company's encrypted messaging app, KeeperChat, helps further strengthen your cybersecurity posture by ensuring that messages containing private data cannot be viewed by anyone but the recipient and sender.

Keeper also lets users grant vault access to up to five emergency contacts in the event of death or an emergency, which is a nice extra touch.