Get an Xbox Series S for under £100 with this incredible value trade-in promotion

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Buying a brand new current-gen gaming console can be expensive, with prices for some devices set at £450. However, if you're still sitting on an old Xbox One S or PS4 and have been put off by the price of upgrading, then you should check out this latest promotion as you can save at least £150 off the Xbox Series S. Simply trade in your old console and Game will sell you an Xbox Series S for £99.99 or less.

Any Xbox One S, PS4, or Nintendo Switch consoles are eligible for this promotion, and The price you ultimately pay for the Xbox Series S depends on which one of those you trade-in. The absolute maximum charge is £99.99 – that's after handing over the most-dated Xbox One S (500GB) or PS4 (500GB) consoles. You can view the full details and trade-in prices over at Game.

So, if you aren't using those consoles or fancy an upgrade, it's a fantastic price for the Xbox Series S. It has no disk drive and only plays digital games, we suggest you pair it up with a cheap Xbox Game Pass subscription. Microsoft's membership service costs just £7.99 per month and gives you access to over 100 games to download and play. Big titles and latest releases such as Forza Horizon 4, Halo Infinite, and Guardians of the Galaxy are included, too, so it really is one of the best deals in gaming and the most affordable ways to play today. Check out more of the best Game Pass games to see exactly what you get for the cost and how terrific value a gaming machine you can get for around £100.

Before you rush to your local store, know that it must be tested and found to be in good working order with no significant damage for your console to be accepted. It also needs an official controller, HDMI cable, power cable, and (where applicable) a controller charging cable and dock.

Xbox Series S trade-in deal at Game

Xbox Series S: £99.99 or less at Game
Save up to £150

Xbox Series S: £99.99 or less at Game
Save up to £150
– Trade in your old Xbox One S, PS4, or Nintendo Switch console at Game, and you can get a brand new Xbox Series S for only £99.99 or less. If you're looking for the cheapest way to get into current-gen gaming, then there isn't a better value for money option out there right now. Simply add a Game Pass subscription for £7.99 per month, and you'll get access to over 100 Xbox games to play on the console, too.

The Xbox Series S may not have the same raw power as both the Xbox Series X and PS5, but it's still a capable console. New releases are fully supported on it, too, so it's not like you miss out on any games by going for this budget-friendly option. The main differences are the lack of a disk drive and lesser graphical capabilities – but games still run in HD.

The Xbox Series S is also a lot easier to buy right now. Sure, the Xbox Series X restock and PS5 restock situation has improved greatly in recent months but both consoles are still hard to find at a moment's notice.

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