Top 50 Cyber Monday SSD deals from Amazon, Bestbuy, Newegg and others

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Below are the best Cyber Monday deals on SSD that we could find; we’ve visited hundreds of pages, dozens of sites over the past few hours to bring you the top-selling solid state drives - both internal and external - from the online retailers that you love.

Hurry up though as Cyber Monday ends in less than 24 hours. In case you miss it, check out our Cyber Monday SSD and hard disk drive deals page. Note that non-US customers should be able to buy from Amazon although they should expect to pay additional taxes and postage fees.

From the list, we learnt that large capacity solid state drives (2TB and 4TB) are becoming more common with SATA SSD slowly (but surely making their way out). Samsung remains the most popular brand by far with Western Digital (and Sandisk) a distant second.

All retailers sync the prices of their biggest seller with Amazon and we've left duplicate entries which should help in case of stock issues.

Samsung 980 Pro 2TB SSDw/ heatsink$379.99$189.99 at Amazon
Save $190
Editor's choice

Samsung 980 Pro 2TB SSD w/ heatsink $379.99 $189.99 at Amazon
Save $190
This is the best SSD deal we've ever seen. It is cheaper to buy the 980 Pro with a heatsink than without. You're getting the fastest consumer NVMe SSD at its biggest capacity. A smash hit.

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