Conquer creativity – how an Everest encounter took SSDs to the extreme

When people talk about expanding your horizons, they must mean this. You’re staring into the snowy abyss, blinded by the ever-expanding drift. Stumbling upon dunes of ice. For documentary filmmaker Ben Clark, each day on Everest is a scene that simply writes itself. 

But when you’re capturing ethereal beauty that simply won’t be put into words – while braving the world’s harshest conditions – you need to bring the most dependable technology imaginable.

An image of the X10 Pro portable SSD

(Image credit: Crucial)

Ben says: “In extreme conditions, you need the least amount of gear, with the most amount of efficiency. The faster you can roll at speed and get that ‘write’ to happen, the more time you have to be creative.” And at this altitude – working crucially against battery drain and atmospheric conditions – your data transfers need to take place in the blink of an eye.

Right now, Ben and his tightly knit crew are ascending Everest – but he’s always got the edit in mind. And while he’s laser-focused on taking his audience on that journey with him, the new X10 Pro portable SSD from the memory experts Crucial is one piece of kit that’s got his back. There’s up to 4TB for a start. And with blazing read/write speeds of up to 2,100/2,000MB/s for palm-sized performance, and dust, splash and drop-proof durability, he’s certain the descent will be worth it.

Press material for the Crucial X10 Pro

(Image credit: Micron)

Whether you’re creating in extreme cold, heat or just far from home, the stakes can feel high – but imagine what stories you could tell with an SSD to conquer your creative challenges, and maybe even what’s holding you back.

Find out what you could achieve with Crucial’s new X10 Pro portable SSD.

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