Chrome just made it easier to find useful extensions – including AI-powered ones

Google Chrome
(Image credit: Google)

If you’re sick of having a hard time finding the best Chrome extensions for your web browser, things might be about to get a little easier. That’s because Google has just launched a new Chrome Web Store full of extensions, complete with an updated design and extra features including new categories and personalized recommendations.

In a blog post, Google says that in addition to new categories, such as Shopping, Tools and Entertainment, there’s a dedicated section for AI-powered extensions that make use of artificial intelligence to improve their capabilities. Many of these integrate popular chatbots and include some of the best ChatGPT extensions available right now.

There is a section reserved for suggested extensions, which Google notes are based on “what you’ve previously downloaded.” And it’s all wrapped up in a Material You layout that makes use of the large cards and icons that we've seen on everything from ChromeOS to Android 14.

Filtering out the noise

The Google Chrome Web Store, showing the new design and layout.

(Image credit: Future)

Aside from the general categories and personalized suggestions, Google has also added a degree of editorial content in the form of an 'Editors’ spotlight' section. This promises to highlight “promising up-and-coming extensions to try out” that you might not otherwise have heard about.

Elsewhere, the search bar has been moved to the top-right corner of the screen, and Google claims that it has “improved capabilities, so you can filter by all items or featured extensions and themes to find exactly what you want.”

In the top-left, you can click the Extensions tab to dive deeper into add-ons for your browser, or navigate to the Themes tab to change the look of Chrome.

Chrome’s popularity as one of the best web browsers means there is a huge number of extensions to choose from, which can make it difficult to find what you’re looking for. But Google’s Web Store makeover should make it a little simpler to get the perfect extension for your browser, without all the endless scrolling and searching.

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